Membership in Wisitalia is open to everyone. We encourage you to get involved in promoting the teaching of Italian in Wisconsin, as well as educating the public about the Italian language and culture, by participating in one of the Wisitalia committees.

See our Mission Statement to read about our goals and objectives.

If you would like to invest in Wisconsin’s Italian language programs, there are two ways to do this:

In both cases, your money goes to the teachers, schools and programs that offer Italian to their students and the community.

WisItalia is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 corporation. Your contribution is tax-deductible in the amount permissible under federal law.


Getting Involved

Becoming part of these committees is where your involvement will be worthwhile to you and others.

  • Advisory Committee – Committee members are appointed by the Executive Committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors. Provides advice to the Board of Directors in matters pertaining to the mission of the organization. Assists in fundraising and in helping Board members access local community leaders.
  • Education Committee – Responsible for acquiring new or improved educational strategies, initiatives and curriculum resources; keeping a list of qualified teachers; following-up on individual WisItalia grant applications and summary reports by grant recipients; collecting student census data needed for budget and reporting purposes; assisting teachers in becoming certified to teach Italian in Wisconsin, and organizing and participating in the Annual Teacher of the Year program. (Committee members need to have prior experience in education.)
  • Funds Development Committee – Responsible for fundraising activities for WisItalia, including corporate sponsorships, governmental and private grants; coordinates with the Website Committee for web advertising, and the Scholarship Committee for student scholarship opportunities. Includes writing proposals to apply for those monies. Involves researching government agencies or private sources that have funds earmarked for specific purposes. Funds would be used for Italian educator expenses, supporting the Italian language programs, or special projects.
  • Membership Committee – Responsible for the membership database, and for coordinating, with the Secretary of WisItalia, various communications to members.
  • Public Relations/Marketing Committee – Interacts with the media and other entities to promote a positive image of WisItalia and the Italian language programs in Wisconsin. Responsible for all media releases and advertising, i.e., meetings, special events, accomplishments, etc. Also responsible for the marketing of WisItalia to the business community and the public at-large, determining the needs and desires of students, parents and the community for learning Italian. Works closely with the Funds Development Committee.
  • Scholarship Committee – Responsible for seeking out scholarship opportunities for students and teachers, and notifying the Board of such opportunities, as well as keeping the website up-to-date. Also, will comprise the panel to determine scholarship winners, when appropriate.
  • Web Team – Responsible for the WisItalia website, including updates, hosting, advertising revenue, and web communications with the Board. Researches and develops web content, reviews the site for outdated material, and checks for broken links for the WisItalia and its public Facebook page