Green Bay

ItaloAmericano of Green Bay


Founded in 1994, by Riccardo Paterni, a young man from Lucca, in Tuscany, Italy, who was a student at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. The activities that we have throughout the year provide a venue for people who have an interest in Italian Culture to get together. Some of the activities are celebrating Carnevale, having Spaghetti Dinner, presenting works of Italian composers (Musicale), a Christmas Dinner (Cena di Natale), to name a few. Bocce Ball league play helps make a fun summer. Having Italian heritage is not a requisite for membership. All that is needed is “Italianismo”, an interest in the food, language, art culture and customs of Italy. Activities include: learning and practicing italian language and culture; watching and discussing italian movies; learning, sharing and enjoying italian recipes; and promoting cultural and social activities. The Green Bay Italo-Americano Club is not limited to only people of Italian descent. They welcome all people who wish to celebrate and experience “Italianismo” through traditions of Italian culture, recreation, culinary delights, and civility.

Address for Membership Materials: 1810 Oakhill Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313

Contact Person: Lynn Thompson | Email: | 920-837-7771

Facebook Page: Club ItaloAmericano of Green Bay